Conference program


Factors driving nation building processes after 1918 and their implications

This panel will focus on the role of nationalism as a constitutive element of new states in Central East Europe; key events and ideologies and the impact of the events of 1918 on the political culture of new national states.

Case studies I: How the experience of the 1918-1948 period influences national ideologies

This panel will discuss the ways in which the events of 1918-1948 have influenced the national discourses of political parties; the extent to which myths lost or grew in relevance after 1945; how the period influenced the politics of memory (Erinnerungspolitik) of individual states.

Case studies II: Persons who became myths

This panel will deal with individuals who became myths; the perception of national heroes of the early 20th century in neighboring countries; the ways in which these individuals are present in politics and the rhetoric of political parties.